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Aerial Legends

Category:Tower Offense RPG
Service form:Free to play
delivery destination:GooglePlay,AppStore
Operating environment:Android,iOS

A fresh and captivating  RPG, "Aerial Legends" will be a novel experience for both new and advanced players alike! 
Deep stories, awe inspiring music, and stocked with a talented cast of voice actors, users will be able to enjoy an engaging world driven by a set of unique characters.
You are the one that leads the legends, you are the one who can save the kingdom!

Official Site

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Touch! Gudetama -Extreme soysauce-

 It's a sequel to "Touch Gudetama!" the game of a popular Japanese character "Gudetama".
You can cook various types "Gudetama" in this game. And, in "S", many new and nice function were added! Enjoy cooking "Gudetama", anytime, anywhere!


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Touch Gudetama!

Service form:Free to play
delivery destination:GooglePlay,AppStore,au smartpass
Operating environment:Android,iOS

The long awaited smartphone game of the really famous Japanese caracter "Gudetama" was released!
If you cook eggs, they become unique "Gudetama"s!
Touch them... they move and speak!  Moreover, you can make a lunch in them!

Official Site

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