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Japan’s first studio developing games utilizing Cryptocurrency

Crypt-oinks is a game where the collection, trading and breeding of SUPER cute pigs occurs via cryptocurrency. Crypt-oinks will start with a trading and breeding app, where new pigs are created through cryptocurrency transactions on the public blockchain. We aim to quickly evolve to other applications such as Augmented Reality, and a full fledged pet app.





First and foremost, CryptoIdols is a DApps game ran on top of the Ethereum Blockchain where users can form contracts (purchase) with Idols using the cryptocurrency ETH, upload and attach drawings to their idols, and assign catchphrases to their idols. In CryptoIdols users may register their idols for contests and trade (sell) their idols to other users receiving ETH in the process. Imagine and create, train and sell, join CryptoIdols today!

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RAKUN is a new entertainment platform utilizing blockchain technology.

We aim to create an interactive ? dynamic community ? that fuses entertainment content and news with the passion of a community to provide a new engaging type of entertainment platform.




Gudetama Quest

Category:Casual RPG
Service form:Free to play
delivery destination:GooglePlay,AppStore
Operating environment:Android,iOS

Adventure into the mysterious world of the GudeGude kingdom together with Sanrio's popular character "Gudetama"!
This is a Casual RPG that anyone can pick up and play.
Help "paripi" Gudetama undo the chaos created by the Magical Wizard.

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MyMelody astrology fortune-telling

Sanrio's widely famous character "MyMelody" is now a astrology fortune-teller!
Fully enjoy genuine fortunes everyday for FREE!
By the mystic healing powers of the cute MyMelody, you'll get predictions about your luck AND receive divine insight on that person you have a crush on! Share your fortune with friends allowing everyone to excited about your future!!

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