About Good Luck 3


Experienced creators

As a lot of experienced experts also who have enough knowledge work in the company, the company has environment to develop high-quality games.

Examples of our creators’ experience

  • Development of games on mobile, stationary game consoles and mobile platforms
  • More than 10 years of experience 3D CG graphic designing famous consumer games
  • Managing servers that support thousands of people
  • Managing PC MMO contens which earned million yen a month
  • More than 10 years directing online PC games

Development know-how using Unity®software and our own custom engine

Using the Unity®software as the engine to develop games and G-engine developed by Good Luck 3  enable us to rapidly develop high quality games.

Benefits of using Unity®software

1.Sharing development vision to creators promptly and enable to see the progress clearly during development.

2.Using assets enable economical and high quality development.

3.Enables multi-platform development

Our own custom engine “G-engine”

1.Decreasing dependence on game designers and programmers.

2.Each development, it learns implementations against errors.

3.Strong resistance to fraudulent manipulation, it is difficult to corrupt data.

4.Storing functions and being multiple each development.

5.Enable large-scale development combining high-quality and speed.

Overview of G-engine