About Good Luck 3


Good Luck 3 Philosophy


1.We will bring smiles to the people of the world by connecting their hearts from FUKUOKA.

2.We'll keep being the small but highly skilled and the strongest entertainment group in the world through smartphone game.

3.Through gathering associates from the world, we will burn with spirit to be creative.



Human ability

1.Following fulfillment of our tasks, we will maximize efforts as a team.
2.We will understand and respect members' personalities and involve them positively.
3.Making sure every member is on the same page, we will disclose information thoroughly.

Professional skills

4.In each member's specialized field, we have No.1 knowledge and performance capacities.
5.Facing to funs, we will continue to achieve goals.
6.Continuing to progress every day, we will produce best results.

Problem-solving ability

7.Regardless of each position, we will face to all problems as own task.
8.We will face problems creatively and sincerely.
9.We will accomplish our tasks suited each purpose speedy.

Aiming to expand in entertainment, publishing and licensing to be the No.1 characters’ company in the world through smartphone.

Why we are thinking the No.1 characters’ company will be founded from Fukuoka?