Privacy Policy

This privacy policy has been created to assure all users that, here at Good Luck 3 Inc. (hereafter referred to as “This Company”), users’ personal information and its security is of the utmost importance and our services are designed from the start with this in mind. Any personal information collected via This Company will be protected by security systems designed to meet all industry standards of personal information and data security.


Data Management

This Company ensures that all personal information and or data will be accurate and up to date. That security systems will be implemented to stop the loss, damage, alteration, disclosure, or unofficial access of users’ personal data. This Company ensures that all members of our staff will have undergone strict training in learning how to manage users’ personal information and that proper guidelines are established.


Data Collection Methods and Cases

The following data (hereafter referred to as “User Data”) will be collected by This Company throughout its services.

1.1 User Data Defined by User

This may include but is not limited to user nicknames, player names, and mail addresses.

1.2 User Data Collected by Campaigns

This may include but is not limited to names, addresses, telephone numbers, sex, age, and more.

1.3 User Data Collected by Customer Support

This may include but is not limited to users’ contact information (name, mail address, etc.), mobile device information (make, model, etc.), operating system (OS) information, in-game activity reports, user IDs, and more.

1.4 User Data Collected by Log Files and Tracking Technologies

This may include but is not limited to cookie information, IP addresses, device information, browser information, browser language, reference page / exit page information, platform specs, click events, domain names, landing page information, time logs of user activities in services provided by This Company, and other pertinent information.

1.5 User Data Collected via Device Information

This may include but is not limited to advertisement IDs, device IDs, OS, device language, and more.

1.6 User Data Collected via Payment Information

This may include but is not limited to wallet addresses or other pertinent information regarding a user’s blockchain credentials.

1.7 User Data Collected in Accordance with Local Laws and Ordinances

User Data may be collected in accordance with GDPR ordinances and or other related governances. In accordance with these ordinances, users may be required to “agree” to data collection practices required by all relative laws and ordinances. In the event that user does NOT “agree” to the required data collection practices, that user may in turn lose the ability to further use the services provided by This Company.


Use and Application of User Data

This company may use User Data for the following reasons.

・To support application management
・To protect against the misuse and unwilful access of User Data and to perform user inquiries.
・To create application analysis and data reports for internal, public, or third-party  use.
・To create service surveys
・To answer relative user inquiries
・To report information regarding This Company’s services
・To support new application or service development
・To send prizes and other items to campaign winners
・To confirm user identity
・To request payment or calculate user payments
・To adjust user points or other encrypted information
・To perform system maintenances and or aid in the improvement of application performance and technical issues.
・To contact users regarding payments regarding This Company’s services or to contact users in the event of changes in service Terms and Agreements, policy changes, or other important notices.


User Data and Third-Party Usage

This Company will not share your information with any third-party entities except for the below services. In the event that This Company does share any User Data with a third-party, it will strictly adhere by the privacy polices of all relative parties involved.

(1) In order to analysis or provide improvement to This Company’s services User Data will be shared with the below third-party.


(2To facilitate This Company’s “Import NFT” feature, User Data will be shared with the below third-party Node Hosting service.


(3) To provide appropriate in-service ads, User Data will be shared with the following third parties.

a.Google (AdMob):


User Data Rights

Users residing in the European Union (EU) have the below rights in regard to their personal User Data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

・The right to be informed
・The right of access
・The right to rectification
・The right to erasure
・The right to restrict processing
・The right to data portability
・The right to object
・Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling.


Storage of User Data

This Company will save, and store User Data as required by the operation and management of its services. In the event that the erasure of User Data is required in accordance with governing laws, User Data will be erased.


Security of User Data

This Company implements security systems and protocols that meets industry standards to ensure the accuracy and security of all User Data.


Inquiries Regarding User Data

This Company will provide, amend, or delete all relevant User Data of a user upon request by the user in question.


Amendments or Changes to this Privacy Policy

This privacy policy will be updated and or improved in accordance with all applicable governing laws of Japan or relevant ordinances.


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